Surveys and Data Analysis



Today you will complete a webquest that involves creating and completing a survey and then collecting, graphing, and analyzing the data you've created.  Follow the steps listed below to complete your webquest.

1.  Get an introduction to surveys and the four steps involved in creating a successful survey by reading  Survey Says.
2.  Read Step One Create the Questions to learn about creating survey questions.
3.  Learn how to make a good questionnaire by reading Survey Questions.
4.  Read Step Two Asking the Questions to learn about asking your survey question.
5.  Stop now and create your survey question(s).  Check your finished question with the teacher. Save this sheet to use for your tally.
6.  Read Step Three Tally the Results to learn about tallying the survey results.
7.  Read Tally Marks to learn more about writing tally marks correctly.
8.  Stop now and collect your data by surveying your classmates.  Write your information on the same sheet with your survey question.
9.  Read Step Four Presenting the Results to learn about the different ways that results can be presented.
10.  Learn how to show your results even more by reading Showing the Results of a Survey.
11.  Use your data to create a graph using Google Docs spreadsheets.  Be sure to share your graph with the teacher.
12.  Read How to Find the Median Value to learn how to figure out the median and then calculate the median value of your survey data.  Write the median value of your data on a seperate sheet of notebook paper to turn in at the end of the webquest.
13.  Read How to Find the Mode to learn about the mode of a set of data and then calculate the mode for your survey data.  Write the mode for your data on the notebook paper with your median value.
14.  Read The Range of a Set of Data to learn how to determine the range for a set of data and then calculate the range for your survey data.  Add the range for your survey data to the notebook paper containing your median and mode values.

Congratulations ~ your webquest is now complete!  Be sure to share your graph, turn in your survey question/tally sheet, and notebook paper containing the range, median, and mode for your survey data to the teacher.

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