SNOW: How The Snow Happen?



These steps will guide you to do the given task:
1. You need to know what explanation text is to enable you writing a good article text. Click the references about explanation text (references number 7 and 8) and study them.

2. Now you have understood what explanation text is. Now watch a YouTube video on the reference link number 6 which is embedded below. This video shows you a brief overview of how the snow happen.

3. Then, do a self research about how the snow happen by clicking the reference links about the happening of snow and its benefits (references number 1, 3, 4, 5). 

4. Study the material about how the snow happen carefully on the linked pages.

5. Write some important details and points that you find on the reference pages in your notebook.

6. Now you have a good understanding of the issue that you will write on your article. Then, to be able to write a good newspaper article about the issue, read some tips and guides on how to write a good newspaper article provided on the reference links number 2, 9, 10.
 7. Write the article about how the snow happen. Consider the tips and guides on how to write a good newspaper article and good article title, and please note that a explanation text should consists of paragraph contained issue, argument against, argument for, and conclusion. The text should be 200 words at minimum length.

8. Don't forget to carefully re-check your newspaper article. Avoid misspelling, grammatical errors and mistakes. 

9. Ask one of your friend to check your newspaper article before submitting it.

10. After being sure that your article is perfect to be published, submit your article to your teacher

Good luck!

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