Use your loaf, IDIOM!


First things first. After you have chosen a partner the two of you will discuss what type of resources you will use for this project. Provided below are three websites available for everyone's use. Once you and your partner have discussed which sources you will use, the first thing you will do is give the definition and explanation of an idiom. Next you and your partner will make a list of all of the idioms you can think of. Once you have listed all of the idioms you can think of, use the tools provided for you such as the websites below, books, or other materials to add to your list. You and your partner should have a total of ten (10) idioms. Next you and your partner will create what you think are the meaning of these idioms along with the actual/true meaning of the idioms you have listed which you will find using the different sources such as websites, books, or other materials. It is important to fully understand the ten idioms which you and your partner have chosen for this project. In order to do this, after finding the hidden meaning behind each idiom, you and your partner will illustrate the idiom based on the hidden meaning of the words. Each group will then present three (3) of their favorite idioms and their illustrations to the rest of the class.






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