Buying an Automobile


What if you get a lemon?

A vehicle is a lemon when it is in and out of the repair shop with problems monthly. All states have enacted lemon laws pertaining to new-car sales and service, but the specifics vary from state to state. The lemon laws are in place to protect consumers.

To fall under the lemon law it must:

  1. Must have a substantial defect which cannot be fixed in a reasonable time, and
  2. If the defect remains unfixed after four repair attempts or the vehicle remains in the repair shop for a total of 30 days, it would qualify as a lemon.

This allows the consumer the right to a refund or a new vehicle. If a consumer feels they have purchased a lemon, they should contact the state's attorney general office to request information on the state's lemon laws and how to use the law in their case.

Directions: In a separate Word document, answer the three questions below. Research the State Attorney General's Website http://atg.sd.gov/  to find the answers to the following questions (Re-state the question in your answer using complete sentences, correct grammar, spelling etc.). Other Websites that may help you are http://www.autosafety.org/ which lists current restrictions in South Dakota and DMV.org http://www.dmv.org/sd-south-dakota/automotive-law/lemon-law.php.

1. How long do you have to declare a car a "lemon" in SD?

2. How/what makes a vehicle qualify?

3. If your car is declared a lemon, how will you be compensated? Will you receive the full value?

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