Buying an Automobile


Now What?

Now that you have completed the Auto WebQuest, you need to assemble the assignment sheets in the following order and turn them in to your instructor. This is due on the date given by the instructor, no excuses.

Attach the following worksheets in this order:

1. Driving and Texting Score 
2. Auto Webquest Wages Worksheet 
3. Vehicle Comparison Shopping Student Worksheet
4. Calculating the Cost of a Loan
Results of Car Comparison
6. Shopping for an Automobile Loan Using Financial Calculators
7. Automobile Insurance Review
8. Auto Insurance Crossword (Extra Credit)
9. Maintenance Cost Worksheet
10. Taxes and Fees Worksheet
11. Monthly Personal Budget Worksheet
12. 5 Yr Total Tru Cost to Own Printout
13. Lemon Laws Word Document

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