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As a class, we will synthesize everything we've learned about the education system, attempts at reform, and the 21st century learner, and create our own video presentation on the issue. Everyone in the class will play a role in creating the video-- whether you work on the set, script, video editing, voice-overs, music, photos, text layout, interviews, credits, polls, research team, etc. We will explore all the technology available to us, and ultimately, the final product is up to the class.

We will submit the final video to several online sites (TeacherTube, AVID, this webquest) and to a contest. We will also share our work with our penpals in Sweden.


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  • Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
    Description: View this clickable Bloom's Pyramid to learn about all the technology available to you, the student! Try out a few...

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  • Audacity
    Description: This will be our voice-over and recording resource.

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  • ExploraTree
    Description: We'll use these thinking guides to plan out how to make our video and what we want to include. This is a way to think digitally online, without the paper.

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  • Gliffy
    Description: Gliffy lets you make snazzy looking graphs, charts, and diagrams. We'll use to organize our poll results and to show what we can do with new Web 2.0 skills!

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