Unit 1: Guns, Germs, & Steel



STEP 1: Go to GOOGLE DRIVE--> 1st Quarter--> UNIT 1-->
               CREATE a DOCUMENT name it Food Exchanges

STEP 2: In this document list your THREE favorite foods.

STEP 3: Share with your group your favorite foods.  (Each person shares.)  

STEP 4: Then take the three most popular favorite foods (what most people in your group liked) in the GROUP and come up with the three MAIN ingredients for each food. (Like below)

1st   Most Popular Food:    Ingredient 1          Ingredient 2            Ingredient 3

2nd Most Popular Food:   Ingredient 1          Ingredient 2            Ingredient 3

3rd  Most Popular Food:   Ingredient 1          Ingredient 2            Ingredient 3

STEP 5: Each Group will share their foods and ingredients with the WHOLE CLASS.

STEP 6: With a partner in your group, complete Student Handout 5.1- Global Food Exchanges.  

STEP 7:  Now that you are familiar with the origins of some plants and animals, READ Student Handout 5.2- Importance of the Columbian Exchange to learn about the importance of the Columbian Exchange both in the period when it occurred and today.

STEP 8: Using the information about the Columbian Exchange, the internet and your DIGITAL TEXTBOOK,  identify the place of origin for each of the 9 ingredients from STEP 4, and draw an ICON at the place of origin on the World Map (provided in class). Each individual will complete their OWN map, but you may work together as a group to complete this step.

STEP 9: Take a photo of your MAP once it is completed and then UPLOAD it to your UNIT 1 FOLDER, name it Exchange Map.  Turn in the hard copy of the map, with your First/Last Name, Class block, Group Letter on it.

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