Unit 1: Guns, Germs, & Steel



Define- cultivate 

Define- domesticate

BIG QUESTION: Why do some countries have an abundance of wealth and riches while others have remained poor for most of their history?

Take a look at the WORLD MAP.  Click on each of the featured sections of the map and read the information related to that section.

Then discuss the map using the following questions:  As a GROUP put your responses on your POSTER.

1.Looking at the map, why do you think areas like North America, Europe, and Asia have so much technological development and wealth while huge continents like Africa have high rates of poverty, disease and remain relatively undeveloped?

2. How has a relatively isolated continent like Oceania (Australia and surrounding islands) managed to advance technologically and build the relatively wealthy nation of Australia and have other areas, such as New Guinea, where technological advances are few and wealth are much less?

3. After studying the map and reading the information about each key area, what theories do you have about why most of the wealth in the world is found in areas north of the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees N. latitude)

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