Mentoring Matters

20 WaysTo Be A Great Mentor


*   Commit to at least one year with yourmentee

*   Demonstrate to your mentee that you areconsistent, dependable, and trustworthy

*   Consistently act in ways that areethical to earn trust of your mentee

*   Know the mission of your mentoringprovider organization

*   Always follow the guidelines of yourmentoring provider organization

*   Value the diverse economic, cultural,and religious traits of your mentee

*   Maintain regular contact with yourmentoring provider to ensure effective mentoring practices

*   Have fun with your mentee and learntogether--- mentoring should NOT be all work and no play

*   Do not criticize the staff or facultyof your providing organization in from of your mentee

*   Do less talking and more listening soyour mentee can share his/her thoughts

*   Do not make inappropriate remarks aboutyour mentee’s family

*   Be a positive role model in both wordsand deed

*   Never engage in inappropriate physicalcontact with your mentee

*   Maintain a cheerful and positiveattitude with your mentee

*   Support community efforts to encouragevolunteerism

*   Never violate the law or organizationalcode of conduct

*   Keep conversations confidential betweenyou and your mentee

*   Be an advisor, not a preacher

*   Be a sympathetic listener, not apsychologist

*   Be a friend, not a surrogate parent

*   Talk to a teacher, counselor, ormentoring provider is your mentee has problems you cannot help with

*   Refrain from profanity or any other inappropriatespeech

*   Know that “thank you” may come in theform of a hug or a smile instead of words.

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