Mentoring Matters

Mentor Guidelines

The guidelines below are meant to helpthe mentors avoid situations that may reflect unfavorably on themselves or theorganization they are a volunteer for. These guidelines do not cover every situation and do not replace theneed to exercise prudent care and good judgment.

1.  Preparedness- Mentors are prepared to be a friend to a student anddemonstrate consistent, dependable, trustworthy, accepting, honest, andrespectful behaviors.

 2.  Intergrity- Mentors consistently act in ways that are ethical, earningthe respect and trust of their mentee and supporting community partners.

 3.  Commitment- Mentors are steadfast in their commitment to the policiesand procedures of the guiding organization.

 4.  Knowledge builder- Mentorsactively seek out shared opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills, andabilities of their mentees.

5.  inclusive attitudes- Mentorsvalue diverse racial, economic, cultural, and religious traits of theirmentees.

6.  maintain confidentiality- Mentors act in the best interest of the mentoringorganization and ensure confidentiality, taking care to protect againstinadvertent disclosure

7.  accountability- Mentorsmake regular contact with the mentoring organization to ensure effectivementoring practices.

 8.  appropriate- Mentorsrefrain from profanity, criticism of school/faculty/or staff, inappropriatephysical contact, or violations of the law or school code of conduct.

9.  Service to community- Mentorsmaintain a steady presence in the lives of students and in the communityefforts that strive to encourage others toward participation in mentoringefforts.



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