Writing Topics


This adventure takes you to the things you like to do.  

BUT before you begin, I would like you to view the link below about the things I like to do.

List 10 things that you like to do in your reflective journal.

Now that you have viewed my PowerPoint and listed 10 things that you like to do, get ready to create a PowerPoint.  

You will create your own PowerPoint about at least 5 of the things that you like to do.

I put more than one thing that I like to do on a slide.  But I only want you to put one thing on each slide.

The first slide will be the Title of your PowerPoint.

Then you will have at least five more slides.

Remember put only one thing you like to do on each slide.  Write a sentence about each thing you like to do.

On each slide include an image, picture or photo of what you like to do and at least one sentence about what it is that you like to do.

Remember if you use images from the image file, you must include final slide that is your reference page.  You have to list the reference of where the image came from.

Remember to use the PowerPoint tutorial if you have forgotten how to create a PowerPoint.

I am also here to help you if you need me.

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