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You will be listening to the story, Aunt Flossie's Hats by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard.

Think about what stories her hats told.

Now think about all the things in your bedroom at home or any place in your house that remind you of a special memory.

Maybe it was that stuffed animal that you got from your grandmother when you were sick.  
Maybe it was that new desk your parents bought you when you started school.

Maybe it was the new skis you got last winter.

The possibilities are endless.

Go to Kid Pix and draw a picture of three objects that hold a special memory for you. Write a sentence or two (or more if you would like) about why these objects are special to you.

When finished, save to your class folder.

Then go to your webpage and import it to your "Writing Ideas" page.

Also, remember to list these three ideas in your reflective journal.


  • Object Memory Checklist
    Description: This is a self-assessment. You will be handing this in after completion of the adventure.

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