Writing Topics


This is an adventure that we will be doing as a class.

There are two giant "chalk talk" papers on the wall in the hallway.  

One paper has a circle in the middle with the word "Ideas".  On this paper, you will write all your ideas for topics to write stories about.  You can write them anyway and anywhere you want on this paper.

The other paper has a title at the top of the paper that says: "Ideas".  On this paper, you will notice that it is organized using stars.  For students that like things in an organized manner, you will write your ideas next to one of the stars.

This adventure will be done without talking.  Read what others have written if you would like.  This adventure will last for 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes, we will read through each of the lists.

Everyone should write at least 3 ideas on the "chalk talk" wall.

After reviewing what everyone wrote on the "chalk talk" wall, write at least 3 ideas/topics in your reflective journal.  These can be your ideas/topics, ideas/topics that your classmates wrote or a combination of ideas/topics from you and your classmates.


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