The Lorax Extra Credit

Compare & Contrast


In order to complete this activity successfully, you will need to go see "The Lorax" 2012 version that is released today on Dr. Suess Day 03/02/12!
Then, on this webquest you need to watch the old 1972 movie that is at the end of "Critical Thinking" sidebar page.  or go to google videos and search for it as well.  Its approximately 24 minutes in length.

Then print the downloadable compare and contrast graphic organizer and complete.

On the back of the paper, please tell me which movie you liked better. Do you think it was entertaining enough to stretch out a children's book to an 1 1/2 hour movie?  Why or Why not?

worth 20 points max.


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    Description: Compare and Contrast Chart: Open attached .PDF file complete and print

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