Native American Unit

Process for Day 4 - Danger Ahead


Exploratory Introduction

Essential Questions

1. What questions help us understand the development and interaction of peoples in the Western Hemisphere?

2. How can different sources on the same topic vary and how can we determine which sources are most helpful in interpreting the past?

3. How does the author or creator of a source influence the interpretation?

How has land been acquired by countries?

Process Steps

Step 1 - Review the vocabulary for this lesson

Step 2 - Watch the attached YouTube video.

Step 3 - In your journal, write at least 2 paragraphs that discuss how your perception of Native American history differs from the perspective of the video's creator.

Step 4 -  Read your journal entry to your reading buddy.

Step 5 -  With your reading buddy, discuss why the creator's version of Native American history might differ from yours.

Step 6 -  Together, come up with three reasons that account for the difference in perspective. Each of you write those reasons in your journals.


Step 7 - Individually, research the various countries that have been involved in taking land from the Native Americans. Use the resources here as well as your own research.

Step 8 - Draw or use publishing software to create a timeline showing when each of at least five countries took over territory from the Native Americans. Use different colors to identify each country.

Step 9 - Look at the maps showing the different areas in what would become the United States that were occupied by European countries in Colonial times.

Step 10 - Determine if the route you chose to travel crosses territory that might bring you into contact with these foreigners.

Step 11 - Using Microsoft Word, write a speech to give to any foreigners you might encounter during your travels to show them that you are not hostile.

Step 12 - Practice giving your speech to your reading buddy. Three or four students will be selected at random to present their speeches to the class.


Step 13 - Read the article entitled Race and Ethnicity: Government Policy Toward Native Americans

Step 14 - Consider the reservation system implemented by the government in the 1800s. How would life today be different for Native Americans if they had not been forced onto reservations? How would life today be different for you if Native Americans had not been forced onto reservations?

Step 15 - In at least 2 paragraphs, write your answers to these questions in your journal.


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Description: A video about the relocation of the Native Americans.

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