Native American Unit

Process for Day 3 - Plot Your Course


Exploratory Introduction

Essential Questions

1. How has land been acquired by countries?

2. How have geographic factors influenced human settlement and economic activity?

3. In what ways are places on Earth interdependent?

Process Steps

Step 1 - Review the vocabulary words for this lesson.

Step 2 - Watch the attached Brain Pop Video.

Step 3 - In your journal, write at least 2 paragraphs that summarize the video.


Step 4 - Using ArcGIS map making software, create a map that indicates where your tribe was located during the Colonial period.
Be sure to label the area and color it to show the boundaries of your tribe's territory.

Step 5 - Choose one of the other tribes from Day 1 and locate that tribe's territory on your map. Be sure to label the area and using a different color from the one you used for your tribe, color the area to show the boundaries of the other tribe's territory.

Step 6 - Use the mapping software tools to place physical features of the land in the area surrounding both tribes. Include mountains, plains, forests, and other distinguishing features that might have played a role in where the tribes established their villages.

Step 7 - Determine which route you will take from your tribe's territory to the other tribe's territory. Plot your course with a dotted or colored line. Be prepared to defend the route you choose to your chief.

Step 8 - Save, print, and share your map (to your teacher's email address).


Step 9 - Share your map with your reading buddy. Explain why you chose the route you will travel. Your buddy might have some advice that would make your journey easier.

Step 10 - Using the attached current map of the United States, locate the general area where your tribe was located in the Colonial period.

Step 11 - Return to your saved map. Create another layer and label what exists in your tribe's territory now.

Step 12 - Save your map as a new file, print it, and share it (to your teacher's email address).

Step 13 - Using the resources here and your own research, find out where your tribe is located now.

Step 14 - In your journal, write at least 2 paragraphs in which you provide possible reasons why your tribe is located where it is today instead of where it was in the Colonial period.


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