Native American Unit

Process for Day 2 - Take Me to Your Leader


Exploratory Introduction

Essential Questions

1. Why are there greater challenges and opportunities when multiple groups interact?

2. Why are national and global viewpoints sometimes different?

3. What evidence can you find of effective or ineffective governments in the past and the present?

Process Steps

Step 1 - Review the vocabulary for this lesson

Step 2 - Open the hierarchical organizational chart for the United States government.

Step 3 - With a partner, examine the chart and discuss who has the most amount of power in the government and who has the least amount of power.

Step 4 - In your journal, write 2 paragraphs about which position in the United States government you would like to hold.


Step 5 - Using the resources on this page and your own research, identify the hierarchical organization of your tribe.

Step 6 - Using Microsoft Word or publishing software, create a chart similar to the one for the United States government for your tribe.

Step 7 - Identify the leader of your tribe and give him or her a name.

Step 8 - Using Microsoft Word, write a letter to your leader seeking permission to travel to other tribes. Give justification for your journey. Make sure you include a proper greeting and salutation.


Step 9 - Using the two hierarchy charts you have for this lesson (the one provided to you and the one you created for your tribe) compare and contrast the United States governmental structure with the Native American governmental structure using the form entitled Governmental Comparison Chart.

Step 10 - In your journal, write at least 2 paragraphs about which government you would choose if you were able to select one for a new country. Explain why you made that choice.


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