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Lost At Sea - The Search for Longitude



1.  The documentary   Lost at Sea - The Search for_Longitude  follows the search for the key to navigating the seas.    View parts 1 and 2.  After you have completed part 2 use the link below, The Search for Longitude Game to learn how to search for longitude by playing the game.   

2.  View the Latitude and Longitude interactive powerpoint , work through the task as instructed.                                        

3.  Learn to search for longitude by completing the following activity. 

Students should click on the Lost At Sea activity in the resource section to download the activity directions.  Once you have completed this activity play the game listed "The search for longitude" in the link below.





Documentary: Part 1, Lost at Sea, The Search for Longitude

Description: Lost at Sea, The Search for Longitude. Part 1,2 Parts 3-6 can be found on youtube or right of the openedlink
Part 2 Lost at Sea, The Search for Longitude

Description: This video picks up where part 1 ended. You can view parts 3-6 on YouTube or to the right of the opened link

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