Maritime - Has Your Ship Come In?

Vocabulary Activity



Words You Need to Know 

Make a list of the vocabulary terms you are not familiar with.  Research these terms to find the definitions.  Write the definitions and draw a sketch for each term on notecards.

Middle School terms:  submarines, aircraft carrier, maritime, import, engineer, export, tariffs, distribution, environment, longitude, latitude, port, scale, grid, government, customs, welding, estimation, apprentice, projecting, construction, containers, technology, ports, waterways, textiles, logistics, wind turbines, tankers

High School terms:  naval base, combat systems, shipbuilding, ship repair, quality, value stream, nuclear power, shipping, receiving, navy, department of defense, suppliers, maintenance, industrial, planning, scheduling, design, modeling, simulation, overhaul, dry bulk, lean, SIX SIGMA, TWI, T.O.C.


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