Ocean Habitats

Step 5: Make a poster!


You will make a project based on your favorite ocean habitat.
  1. Choose an ocean habitat: coral reef, kelp forest, or the deep sea.
  2. Answer the questions below. The responses you give will provide you with the words you need to make your project! You should use a laptop so you can copy and paste later, and please use complete sentences.
  3. Look back at your favorite sites to make sure you have your facts straight and check out the links below.
  4. Use Prezi to create a story about the habitat, or make a poster on paper!
  • My favorite ocean habitat is...because...
  • Description of( name of habitat):
  • Some  interesting organisms that survive in (name of habitat)  are
  • An adaptation an animal needs to live in (name of habitat) is...
  • Some new words I when I learned about (name of habitat) are..
  • Humans change ocean habitats when they...
  • I can help ocean habitats stay healthy by...


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