Ocean Habitats

Step 1: Learn about the zones of the ocean.


The ocean is not just one habitat, it is many habitats. Some ocean habitats get lots of sun and some get none! We can classify ocean habitats by the amount of sunlight that they get: we call them ocean zones. Today you are going to investigate the three ocean zones: the sunlight (or sunlit) zone, the twilight zone, and the midnight zone. You will also see that some scientists divide the ocean into five zones! 

  1. Watch the BrainPop, Jr. Video on the link below and then take the online easy quiz. If you get 4 or 5 correct, you are ready  to investigate further.
  2. Next, complete the Ocean Zones Worksheet. Your teacher will give it to you.
  3. Which zone is most interesting to you? Learn more about by visiting the zones.
  4. If you want, you can make a model of the ocean zones at home.


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  • See the Ocean Zones
    Description: This is an awesome diagram of animals in each zone. What animals live in each zone? How many have you heard of? Which are new to you?

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