TI 2021 PE Group 1



Our Principals have approached us on the emerging shift to Education 4.0. as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic coupled with requests from stakeholders

for more asynchronous sessions for students from the new school term, September 2020 . As a group of Physical Education teachers we have been asked to

show how teachers can begin to make this emerging shift to Education 4.0. in integrating technology into teaching and learning, asynchronously. As a group of

Physical Education teachers embarking upon this request, we have noticed a trend of lower student participation within synchronous theory session. We are

required to research the characteristics of Education 4.0., show how these characteristics can be infused into Physical Education and provide feedback on

teachers' readiness for Education 4.0. We will work in groups to research and prepare our update for our Principals, who are eager to begin shifting to Education

4.0. at our schools.

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