External Parts of a Flower



“Good day class, today for Science we will be going exploring! Is everyone ready to explore? I would like you to grab your notebooks and let us head outside.” The teacher will have the students in two lines, quietly walking to the school’s garden. “Today we will be learning about the external parts of a hibiscus flower. I would like everyone to quickly group themselves into fives. Each group will then go explore the flowers in the garden. I would like you to observe the external parts of the flower closely, these are the parts that you can easily see. You will discuss what you have seen; you have 5 minutes.  After the students have explored, they will proceed to the computer lab.

Prerequisite Skills/ Knowledge:
Students would already know:
• Some parts of the flower
• Some different types of flowers

Input: Students will:
• Explore the school’s garden
• Explore the external parts of the flower
• Use the video to annotate the flower parts
• Draw and annotate a flower for homework

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