Look In the Mirror for the Leader in You



What do you see when you look out into the world?  Do you see people who care, or people who are only trying to get ahead.  What has been your experience with people in Leadership? If you could pick any Leader to shadow, who would it be? 

Leaders are people of influence. They inspire and coach others. They are constantly developing and energizing their team members.  Throughout life, you will come in contact with people who are in positions of authority.  These are the people who are in charge of organizations, who are in charge of people, who are the decision makers and who determine the climate of the organization. These are people with power!

What is Leadership? Are Leaders born or can they be made? The purpose of this Webquest is to help you find the Leader in You. In your quest, you will define what leadership is, learn about various Leaders and see how you measure up to them.  This lesson will provide an opportunity for you to start looking at your own leadership abilities through the lives of Historical Leaders. The audience is High School Students.

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