Early Childhood Education: Engaging All Children in Meaningful Activity throughout the School Day

First Activity


You have begun the first step as a dual language educator by visiting this Webquest. You or your administrator understand the support needed to provide a strong foundation for your bilingual and dual language students. Since we are becoming acquainted here, you will share with each other your dual language program, so everyone can gain a sense of how programs are run and where I can provide additional resources for you. 

First, represent your dual language program in an illustration.​
You can upload this illustration by posting below. 

If you wish to submit a video explaining your illustration or a recording, please feel free to do so. I want you  to think about the following questions as well: 

How did you get into ​teaching dual language? ​
What motivates you about ​what you do?

You have your own story, share it with us! This is a safe space so feel free to discuss anything that you would otherwise think twice about. 


  • My illustration through a photo
    Description: See that girl, that was me. As an immigrant to the U.S. I did not speak English. When entering the public school system, there was no equity in the classroom, so I was placed in a special education class since I could not speak English and was shy, I was considered "slow." This experience made me felt so low, I thought to myself, I never want someone else to feel the way I did. I would not let this happen to anyone else. So I decided to become an educator, an advocate, and a coach describing and enabling others to support bilingual and dual language students the right way. Share your story if you have not done so yet.

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