Adolescent Relationship and Dating Abuse




WILSON, N.Y--18 year old Kari Ann Gorman was in an unhealthy, abusive relationship for 8 months. Kari had attempted several times to leave her abuser and eventually she was able to break free from the cycle of abuse.

However shortly after their break-up in July of 2008 her ex-boyfriend shot her, taking her life, before committing suicide and taking his own.

Just because an abusive relationship is over, does not mean the risk of violence is.

Because of this and other cases similar to it, legislations have been introduced to add dating violence education to health curriculums.

Today we will be developing and proposing an organization/club devoted to promoting the education and prevention of teen dating abuse. In addition, this organization must also be able to reach out to the victims of dating abuse, their families, and friends.


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