Music in The Wonderful World of Disney



Music is a universal language that is spoken throughout the entire world. It gives meaning to everything surrounding it, and embellishes the things that people formulate within their minds as their eyes are captivated by a movie screen. Composers, arrangers, and film scorers alike have argued that music influences our experiences in cinematic scenarios. A soothing violin solo in a love scene is associated with romance, calmness, and tranquility that we feel.  This juxtaposes a belting brass section that educes excitement, valor, and adventure in an action-packed fight scene. Music plays a vital role in the success or failures of motion pictures because it has a tremendous effect on a viewer’s psychological, emotional, and even their spiritual nature. Psychologically,music has an effect on movie viewers because of the way it impacts their brain and a vast majority of people do not know that music can affect one’s mood, and collectively have an impact on their emotions.  It is also awe-inspiring to know that music has the ability to affect an individual spiritually; therefore, imagine how powerful a tool it can be in movies. Music is vital to cinema in every aspect of writing, arranging, scoring, and/or composing- manipulating notes, tones,and/or expressions into a quality sound that boosts the effectiveness of a cinematic production. Our minds are expanded each time we watch a new film, and the music, literally behind the scenes, non-consciously exercises our brains.Then we laugh, we frown, and we cry, inevitably, from the emotional toll that the music has on us after watching a tragedy lead to triumph. Finally, we exit the theater with a heighten level of spiritual wholeness, on a new platform of solidity and validation. We feel new and refreshed, and sometimes like running a marathon. Who knew that a trip to the movies could be so satisfying?  

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