Basic Sewing Techniques



Sewing Techniques can be simple or advance.  Sewing has always been an issue for many students who are in schools.  Teachers who teaches the subject Home Economics are not interested in teaching the subject clothing and textiles.  This is because the techniques in sewing are very hard to catch on to.  It takes dedication and personal effort to be successful in the area of  Clothing and Textiles.  If one wishes to excel in the clothing industry they must exhibit the qualities that are needed to achieve this goal.  As one acquire the skills of sewing it opens the avenue of entrepreneurship.  One will be able to construct garment such as a blouse, skirt, pants; soft furnishing such as curtains, drapes, runners and also upholstery such as cushion, ottoman.  Sewing Techniques is a very useful skill that one must seek to acquire as it allows one to be self-reliance.

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