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In our everyday life we interact with different websites related to different topics. The information on the different websites can assist us in one way or the other. Websites are created for varied purpose such advertising, news, entertainment or for education purposes. When there is access to the internet we automatically get access to several websites that can be used to retrieve up to date information.

Some of you might wonder how you move from one webpage to the other right? Well it is quite easy to do. When you create more than one webpage that are related to the same topic or different topics depending on what the author of the website wants to bring across, the webpages are linked using hyperlink which allows you to move from one webpage to the other.

For students in high school or colleges, they can go to different websites that can assist them with their assignments or project. This makes it easier for them to collect information, reduce the expenses of buying books and also reduce the time it takes to find information.

So what is a webpage and a website?
  • Webpage is a document that using several HTML codes or tags in order to display information on the browser. Everything or information on a webpage takes a lot of coding and time. 
  • A website is a collection of webpages and as i mentioned before that in order to link the page it has to be hyper-linked.
Making your own website can be fun because you would be able to personalize it. As much as how it takes time to create,the end result will make you excited.

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