Mentoring Matters



A mentoring program is a very important component to any institution.  It does not matter if it is in a school district, or a University, or even in the work place.  Mentoring is a powerful thing, and one would be surprised as to how much ONE PERSON can change someone's life by just being a confidant and friend.  Everyone in the world is struggling, others just need some motivation and guidance as to which direction they are supposed to take.  They may just feel very alone, or lost.  This is where mentoring becoming a huge aspect in someone's life. 

Trust is key. If there is no trust there will never be a connection,
and it could possibly end up worse for the mentee. 

The Goals of the Program:

o   To enhance the retention

o   To encourage studentsí development of knowledge, skills, andattitude necessary for successful completion of their academic goals

o   To encourage studentsí development of supportive relationships withother faculty, students, and staff

o   To develop self-confidence

o   To encourage involvement in the learning process

o   To encourage involvement in the leadership process

o   To serve as a positive source of guidance and motivation

o   To provide personal one-on-one assistance

o   To help students make a positive connection


The Expected Benefits to theStudent are stated as Follows:

o   Gain support of academic pursuits and personal development

o   Have the opportunity to become acquainted with faculty/staff

o   Develop self-confidence to succeed

o   Active involvement in the learning process

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