Visiting Melbourne's Immigration Museum



In order to maximise the benefit of a visit to the Melbourne Immigration Museum and to enhance our learning experience we need to be prepared. This Web Quest will provide a number of tasks the successful completion of should ensure we are all well acquainted with our immigration history and the contemporary issues facing newly arrived migrants.

Please view the YouTube clips located in the Welcome menu tab for an overview of the immigration museum and the story of one of Australia’s most well known singers who arrived on our shores in 1953 from Malaysia.  If you would like to share your own migration story or that of someone close to you, view the share your immigration story menu tab link for an opportunity to share your story on the immigration museum web site. How well are you conversant with Australia's immigration history? to find out open the Tru and False menu tab attempt and assess the statements for accuracy.

Next take the Citizinship Quiz to experience what our newly arrived migrants are expected to know about our heritage, would you pass the test? do you know enough about our heritage to merit becoming an Australian Citizen?

If all this testing becomes a bit much have a break and try the hangman task, but beware don't get too tied up...

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