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This web quest is for those with or without disabilities and for their parents as well. Suppose you had a crippling accident or illness. How would you overcome these obstacles especially in regards to having a fullfilling career? This webquest will help inspire you to answer this question as you view and hear stories through videos about people with greater challenges than you and who have overcome tremendous obstacles. We begin our quest with a look at someone entering a new career. She is an unlikely candidate for a talent contest and certainly doesn't fit the typical description of a star, but her tremendous talent could not go unnoticed.  How would your life be changed if your personal story became a song, a movie or book?  Your students may have stories of their own that need to be developed into movies. Next, we look at someone who came a long way on his path to stardom. These are my heroes and as you watch and read, they just might become yours as well. I am hoping this helps anyone engaged in a job search. Most importantly, find out how volunteering can open the door to a new career.  My Request is for you to join me on the path to discovering your own purpose.


Description: The start of a new career;Susan Boyle

Description: Will Smith on Life

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