Pizz-A-Thon (research, explore, discover and create)

Student Introduction


�Virtual Pizz-A-Thon�

Students, Club Members or Scouts

Compete for awards in competition with other teams!

*Win a shirt and you will be a walking bill board for the sponsors as their names are on the back of the shirt.

In the  Pizz-A-Thon, you will participate on a Pizzeria research team. 

You will research, explore, find excitment in creating and discover while going through the process of starting your own business.

Prepare to trace the ingredients back to the source, from your plate to the soil!

See your activity page, Student Tasks to get started and then the Student's Business Plan page for planning your business.
  • Play the Hangman Game!

  • Click on the Clip Art & Photos file below to create a Pizz-A-Thon poster!

(See "Photos & Sponsor" page on this site and "Pictures-Fun and Learning" page on the blog javascript:nicTemp()to view past Pizz-A-Thon activities.)

Use the Pizz-A-Thon Blog (Resource 1) below to research for your answers and enter journal notes.  *And the "Awards/Sponsor" page on this web site

The blog site   javascript:nicTemp() will give you background information, pictures, a place to record your journal highlights and an opportunity for you to ask questions.


  • Clip Art & Photos
    Description: Have fun cutting and pasting on the computer or on construction paper creating a poster. Illustrate the link of how products get from the soil to your slice of pizza!

Web Link
  • Website
    Description: Companion page (blog website www.pizzathon.wordpress.com) for responses, student answers, sponsor opportunities, Pizz-A-Thon review and pictures.

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