Cooking Up Fractions


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If you like to cook -- or you like to eat -- then you'll love this WebQuest!

In this WebQuest you are going to explore how fractions are used in cooking.  You will learn about their functions through online activities and practice worksheets.  Then you will use your knowledge in real life situations. 

You have already completed tasks that involve finding equivalent fractions and common denominators as well as adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  Today you are asked to adjust fractions in recipes.  This means not only adding and subtracting fractions, but also multiplying and dividing them.  To do this, you will be given specific tasks that will guide you in developing the skills you need to work with all fractions.

By the end of this WebQuest you will apply your knowledge of fractions to modifying recipes. You will choose two main dishes and one dessert and modify these recipes in order to feed you and your classmates.

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