Inquiring minds want to know. (Leo sure would have agreed with that!) Look here to find out some answers to some of your "burning" questions.


The word "Renaissance" is not an English word. It's a French word that means "rebirth."
Things were not going well in Europe before this period. The Black Plague had killed thousands of people. People were hungry, living conditions were bad, city streets were filled with rats and garbage, and people were hungry and barely surviving. After the Plague was over, the population began to grow again. More people moved to the cities, more goods were produced, people actually had some money to spend, and now life was more than just survival. People could now think about other things such as art, music, exploring other lands, and science. Creative thinking and new ideas began to grow along with new inventions and ways of doing things. The overall culture began to change and the emphasis on thinking, the arts, music, etc. was "reborn" and emphasized--just like they had been in ancient Greek and Roman days.
The period of history called the Renaissance began in the European country of Italy; however, it wasn't long before this change spread to the other countries in Europe.
A tremendous amount of change occurred during these 300 years. The first thing that changed was man's thinking. People began to realize that they had the ability to think, make changes in their life, and be creative. During this period, a lot of art and sculpture began as well as increased interest and ability to explore music, science, as well as the exploration of other countries.
Leo's IQ (an estimate of how smart he was) is estimated to be 220. A normal person's IQ ranges from 85-115. Albert Einstein (a famous scientist) had an IQ of 160, & most of the world agrees that he was one of the smartest men to ever live. However, even Albert's IQ doesn't come close to Leo's IQ!!!
Several answers are given for this. Leo used a quill pen (a quill is a bird's feather) and ink when writing. He was left handed, so many say he wrote from the right to the left so that his hand wouldn't smear the ink when he wrote. Others say he did this on purpose to confuse people so that they couldn't understand copy a lot of his writing and ideas.

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