Illegal Hispanic Immigration



After reading all the articles on this site and watching the movie in class (again, you can visit sections of the video on YouTube for reference, "De Nadie"), you will write an essay compiling the information you have learned.

In your essay, you will write responses to the following:
-What are "Anchor Babies"
-Under what amendment are "Anchor Babies" granted citizenship
-How do their parent(s) become legal US citizens
-Describe the current barrier between Mexico and the US
-What are the environmental factors of this barrier
-What are the economic factors of this barrier
-Is this barrier successfully curbing illegal immigration
-Who are the "Minutemen"
-Who are the "coyotes"
-From what countries do most of the illegal immigrants come
-What are the most common reasons for immigrating to the US
-How many people are allowed to legally immigrate the the US each year
-Describe the document that limits yearly legal immigration to the US


# Poor Developing Very Good Excellent Score
Accuracy Paper contains numerous factual errors and improper citations. There are some factual errors in the paper and many citations are missing. Information is true, and most is correctly cited. Information is true and correctly cited.
Content Paper discusses less than half of the required topics. Paper discusses more than half of the required topics. Paper discusses most all required topics. Paper discusses all required topics.

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