External Parts of a Flower


Guided Practice: With the help of the teacher, the students will now individually interact with the video and answer the relevant questions pertaining to the video. This activity should be done twice if there is enough time.


Independent Practice: Students will be asked to sketch a flower and clearly label all the external parts of the flower for homework.


Using this online sketchpad, students will draw and label their flower, then save it as a picture (.JPEG) The teacher will then compile it all for marking. 

Here is a video of a tutorial for drawing and labeling a hibiscus flower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZSYa876sJY


# Awesome Job (4) Good (3) Fairly Okay (2) Improvement Needed (1) Score
Correct Annotations All annotations are present and correct Most annotations are present. (90% correct) Missing some annotations (70% correct) Half or more annotations missing or incorrect
Drawing Skills Took time to draw carefully Drawing missing 1 aspect Drawing missing 2 aspects Drawing missing more than 2 aspects
Creativity Looks very attractive and appealing Job well done on looks. Untidy and limited creativity. No creativity
Total Score : 12

Total Score:

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