Marketing Planning and the 4 P's



You will be evaluated individually and as a group.

Individual Evaluation will be  based on your Venture and Marketing Plan Journal    (see attached document)

Venture and Marketing Plan- Daily Productivity Journal                                                       /300 Marks

Step 1: Start an Excel Document
Step 2: Rename each worksheet  to Month Date- Month Date (ie. Nov 2-Nov 6)
Step 3: Each WEEK between now and the end of the year should be on a separate excel worksheet
Step 4: Make a table with the Date across the rows , the questions down column A
Step 5: Ensure you have proper assignment formatting on each worksheet and your file is named properly
Step 6: This journal will be collected at the end of the Venture and Marketing plan unit and will make up your individual mark for each of these units.  The more detailed it is the more I know what you accomplished individually and and as a group.

Questions to Answer and Reflection Upon Daily:

 What have you individually accomplished today?
 What has your group accomplished today?
 How is the group working together? 
 Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 if you are on task throughout the work period? 

Group evaluation will be based on the Marketing Plan Evaluation Rubric

Marketing Plan Evaluation Rubric



Lvl 4

Lvl 3

Lvl 2

Lvl 1



Demonstrates a clear and concise understanding of the Marketing Planning Process

Demonstrates an understanding of marketing planning and tools

Presents a basic understanding of marketing tools and concepts used in marketing planning process

Presents a marketing plan using some tools and concepts of marketing



Integrates and communicates using correct terminology, relevant concepts, and synthesises appropriate strategy and correct analysis

Consistently uses and applies correct marketing terminology and concepts using sufficient analysis and strategy formulation

Applies a good use of marketing strategy and analysis in reporting

Uses a satisfactory amount of marketing terminology and strategy, with a basic grasp of analysis



Includes all tasks given as part of assessment process, and refers to them throughout report

Includes all tasks given as part of assessment, and refers to them occasionally in report

Includes some tasks given as part of assessment and makes references to them in report

Does not include tasks given as part of assessment and makes no reference to them




Uses correct Reporting format, and superior vocabulary, language and punctuation

Uses correct Reporting format, and utilises good language and punctuation

Uses good reporting format, and utilises a proficient level of English.

Uses sufficient reporting format, and language


Total Score: 100

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