Endangered Animals: What can we do?



This team challenge is worth 100 points in which will be graded in the following areas:

    Individual Participation: 0 points to 3 points

    Group Collaboration: 0 points to 3 points

    Creativity: 0 points to 3 points

    Overall Presentation: 0 points to 3 points

I will use the rubric below to asses points based on evaluations and feedback on the forms and presentations of Animals


# 0 (Unacceptable) 1(Acceptable) 2(Meets Expectations) 3 (Exceeds Expectations) Score
Individual Participation You did not participate at all in the team challenge You showed some signs of participation in the team challenge You showed several signs of participation in the team challenge You were actively participating in the team challenge 0-3
Group Collaboration Your group did not collaborate well Your group collaborated on some parts of the challenge Your group collaborated on 2 of three checkpoints Your group collaborated very well in all checkpoints of the challenge 0-6
Creativity No creativity shown A little creativity was attempted Creativity is present but lacks pizzazz Creativity is very present in which all team members contributed 0-9
Overall Presentation There are several grammar, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes. There is no evidence of team collaboration and did not finish the challenge There are minor edits that need to be made, team members collaborated some and they did finish the challenge There are no edits to be made, team members made minimal effort to participate and team finished challenge This team demonstrated that they work well together, complete checklists together, have practiced their presentations and show creativity in their presentation of information they gathered 0-12

Total Score: 0-12

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