Flower Parts



Students will be assessed using the rubric below.  They will be graded based on the figures, charts and drawings submitted.  Bonus marks will be awarded for additional labeling of flower parts based on information provided within the WebQuest.


# Beginning (1) Developing (2) Accomplished (3) Examplary (4) Score
Figures 1-3 Incomplete labeling and drawing Satisfactory labeling and drawings Untidy Satisfactory labeling and drawings Tidy Accurate labeling & drawings Tidy 4
Observations noted under microscope No observations recorded Some observations recorded Satisfactory record of observations Accurate record of observations 4
Table 3 Incomplete table Incorrect definitions and functions listed Satisfactory definitions Satisfactory functions Not tabulated Accurate definitions Satisfactory functions Tabulated Accurate defintions Accurate functions listed Tabulated 4
Chart 1 Incomplete drawings and labelling Incorrect sequence of events Untidy Satisfactory drawing Incorrect labeling Neat Satisfactory drawing Satisfactory labeling Well Order Neat Accurate drawing Accurate labeling Correct sequencing Tidy 4

Total Score: 16

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