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Includes the essential parts Includes all parts that are needed to make a computer work plus some extra parts. Includes all essential parts and nothing more. Includes most of essential parts but focuses too much on additions (expansion cards) Includes some essential parts and no extra components.
Details about the parts The student goes into full detail about the parts such as what the functionality is, the prices of the parts, and why they picked that specific part. Student goes into good detail, giving the functionality and why the picked the part. Student goes into some detail, just giving prices and/or why they picked the part. Student gives little to no detail, just giving prices or why they chose the part.
Overall appearance The presentation caught the eye of students and kept their attention throughout the whole presentation. The presentation caught the eye of students but failed to keep their attention through some of the presentation. The presentation was unappealing to many students. The presentation was dull and didn't catch the eye of any students.

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