Students will be evaluated based on their presentation skills-creativity, conciseness, good time management and group participation, relevance of content provided, accuracy of informantion, application of resources and interpretation of topic. A rubric will be created to assist in this evaluation process.

Students will also be assessed by their peers, so as to see their level of interpretation of the topic and whether or not they have an understanding of the requirements. A rubric will also be created to assist in this process.


# Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent Score
Definition of concepts Concepts not defined Definitions were not explicit Only a few of the concepts were defined All concepts were accurately defined 3
Identify other computer crimes, desides the one stated in the case did not identify the computer crimes Identify other crimes only Identify and explain at least one other crime Identify and explain three additional crimes 3
Identify methods of preventing computer crimes. Did not identify any preventive measures. Identify preventive measures but did not explain them. Only a few preventive measures were given. Suitable and relevant solutions were presented. 3
Identify the implications of committing these crimes No implication identify Implications were identified but not relevant to the crimes Implications clearly defined and relevant for a few crimes Implications accurately defined and applicable for all the crimes presented 3

Total Score: 12

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