Computers: A Journey from Past to Future




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Questioning and Research (Resource 1) Minimal notes taken. Little detail Innovations are listed with dates. Innovations are mentioned with all expections. Some innovations evaluated for significance. Connections are made about innovations. Dates, Creator(s),and relationship to other inovations explained. 1-5
Reflection and application (Creation of Timeline) Relevant innovations and dates listed. Little collaboration. Relevant innovations, dates,and creators listed. Some collaborative reflection Relevant innovations are explored. All expections met and sources cited. Proactive group interaction. All previous expectations met. Demonstrates understanding of Relationships between historical innovations.Timeline is interactive. Very collaborative group dynamic. 1-5
Future of computers: (Creation of thoughtful Conclusions) Facts from research listed. Facts from reseach listed and conclusions reached with little evidence of informed speculation. Research informs conclusions with evidence of meaningful group discussion. Uses credible resources beyond those listed and credible research informs creative and realistic specualuation about the future of technology. 1-5
Debriefing, Presentation, and collaboration Presents facts and conclusions that are not directly related to research. Little evidence of collaboration. Presents facts and conclusions based on research.Some evidence of collaboration. Dynamic presentation with thoughtful, informed discourse.Proactive collaboration Dynamic presentation, with thoughtful, informed discourse and evidence of further reseach and new questions. Demonstrates creative, parctical and original innovation. Dynamic group interaction and collaboration. 1-5

Total Score: 4 to 20

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