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 This lesson will be evaluated based on how well did students gathered information to complete the activities given individually and or in groups. However, the individual portfolio, group presentation and the reflective essay are marked out of 20 marks, 30 marks and 20 marks respectively.

Individual Portfolio Students gathered little or no information towards netball.

Students shows moderate knowledge towards the game of Netball.

Students gathered significant amount of information towards the game of Netball.
Group Presentation Presentation was very weak. Students did not show cohesiveness during presentation and the group showed little or no creativity.Presentation was fairly done. Students show capability, effort was seen.Presentation was significantly done. Students show excessive amount of information gathered, students collaborated and presented the information equally, and creativity was shown in the presentation. 
Reflective Essay Students presented little or no information from what was taught. This shows that the students pay little or no attention or grasp any information from the entire lesson.Students presented an overall knowledge of the game. This shows that the students pay good attention and grasp information from the entire lesson. Students presented a significant knowledge of the game. This shows that the students pay a great amount of attention to the lesson.

Based on the rubric above the scores are accumulated as presented below.

Individual Portfolio                                                Group Presentation                                         Reflection Essay

Poor = 0-5                                                               Poor = 0-11                                                             Poor = 0-5

Good = 6-10                                                           Good = 12-15                                                          Good = 6-10

Excellent = 11-20                                                    Excellent = 16-20                                                    Excellent = 11-20

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