The Catcher in the Rye Introduction



10 points - Argument
Do you present a clear argument? Do you present clear and accurate reasons
to support your claim? Do you discuss reasons against your claim and
explain why its valid?

5 points - Organization
Do you include a compelling opening, an informative middle and a clear

5 points Writing/Presentation
Are your sentences clear, complete? Do you use correct grammar and composition?
Do you use words which are vivid but natural. Do you present your argument accuratly during
the class debate. Do you present during the debate in an appropriate manner using research
to support your claims.

10 points Group Grade
How well did you work with the other members of your group? How much did
you contribute? Were you cooperative while the other members of your group
shared their information? Did each member of the group participate in the class debate
or assist in a supporting role.


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