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The grades will not be focused primarily on grammar and spelling, but more on basic fact retention. The assignments that the students will turn in should be colorful and show that the students put forth some kind of effort into making their food pyramids both colorful and understandable. Also, the lists that have been turned in should include a wide variety of fruits,vegetables, grains, protein, dairy products, etc.  You will also need to make sure the three nutrition facts you have found are well thought out and important for you to know.


# 4 3 2 1 Score
Make a list of items to buy at the store. The student has taken the time to construct a list which is focused primarily on healthy food choices. The student has spent some time in making a list with decent food choices. The student list is mostly fattening foods and it looks as if they have not looked much at the information or video. There is no list turned in, or ALL foods are not representative of a healthy lifestyle.
Journal entries The journal entries show a great depth of knowledge and understanding. Some knowledge is shown in the journals. The student does not appear to have a firm grasp of the core concepts of healthy eating. There are no journal entries or the entries are incorrect.
Food Guide Pyramid The food guide pyramid is very colorful, it is accurate, and the illustrations are fantastic. Illustrations are nice, color is prevelant, most information is correct. Information is vague and colors are slightly muted. Poor effort displayed. Almost no color, illustrations are poor, facts are incorrect.
3 Facts Learned All three facts are correct. Two of the three facts are correct. One of the three facts is correct. None of the facts are correct.

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