¡Celebramos la navidad en Mexico! (Let’s Celebrate Christmas in Mexico!)




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See teacher for project rubrics. There are different criteria for grading projects depending upon what type of end product you choose. Go to the following link, then enter the listed ID number to view the grading rubric for that project: http://rubistar.4teachers.org ID #s: 1428485 (Poster), 1428487 (Collage), 1428489 (Mural), 1428491 (Music), 1428720 (Interview), 1428721 (Mask), 1428722 (Story Telling), 1428724 (Multi-Media), 1428727 (Web-site Creation), 1428731 (Book/Story) After entering the ID number, you must hit the “View” button, not the “Enter” button. Then click on the title of the Rubric.

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