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# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
information Not all the information was collected and it did not make an suitable selection of it. The information was gethered but it sometimes was selected in wrong way. The information gathered was well understood, but not always was well selcted The information gathered was selected and understood perfectly.
Optical overall impression There are few or no graphic elements. Boring layout and Typeface. Or: of color and Font selection and the Background kills a and reduces the readability. Presentation with significant weaknesses in the content. The graphical elements sometimes contribute, but not always to the understanding. There are variations in the Use of color, Fonts and layout Appropriate and thematic matching graphic elements be to structure the Concepts, ideas and Relations used. Differences in the colors and Font sizes are reasonable and consistently used.
Task Targets on the queries of factual knowledge from, are kleinschrittig Score to cut and paste possible In addition to factual knowledge are approaches for Problem Orientation recognizable Aimed at solving problems from Suitable for Group work Aims at solving the Problems starting, suitable for group work Allow space for the solution
Materials Thematically appropriate links offered well-researched links offered well-researched links are offered that on the target group optimally are Very well-researched links be offered based on the Audience optimally are The program also features Other materials available

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