Based on your performance in answering questions correctly, will determine  your learning and  how much you have grasped from the project of 2-D and 3-D shapes.


# 2 Beginning 3 Developing 4 Very Good 5 Examplary Score
Participation Rarely provides useful ideas or suggestions on project or class discussion. Sometimes provides useful ideas when participating in class discussion Usually provides useful ideas when participating. . Provides useful ideas that will enhance learning by participating through discussion and research. 5
Team Work The final product is not the result of a collaborative effort. The group showed no evidence of collaboration. The team had problems working together. Little collaboration occurred. The team worked well together, but could have utilized each other�s skills to a better degree in completing the final product. It is evident that a mutual effort and a cohesive unit created the final product. 5
Quality of Work Often provides work that needs to be redone or edited. Sometimes provides sufficient work that may need to be completed Usually provides work that is sufficient and complete. Provides useful work to their ability and effort. 5
Understanding of the concept- shape Did not really understand the concept. Shows effort and tries to understand the concept. Understand the concept but a little unclear. Understand the concept very well. 5

Total Score: 20

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