Your final score on this project will be based on several factors.  Part of your score will be based on how well you work together and how much time you are on task.  Presentation also will be evaluated on the completeness and accuracy of the information you found. You should explain your thoughts clearly, use your best spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  
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# Begening Developing Very Good Excellent Score
Listening Superficial information, not used sources. Not factual accuracy Full information but the topic is not fully disclosed Full information, the topic is fully disclosed 25%
Writing Many mistakes Few mistakes 1-2 mistakes in grammar No mistakes 35%
Speaking (introducing of presentation) No oral presentation Weak oral presentation Loud and free speaking Loud, free, amazing speaking combined with artistry 25%
Reading, desing, creativity, original of presentation No design. No creativity. Not gently. Ordinary. Bright and memorable. One idea. More than three original ideas. Super original and creative work. 15%

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